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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Find an Adaptive Martial Arts service to suit you

Adaptive Martial Arts CIC (AMA CIC) was initiated from the concept of removing barriers to our target population.  Gina recognises the intimidation that can be felt by entering the world of sport and exercise when your atypical, in addition to access and financial barriers.  The combination is overwhelming and can make accessing such services tiresome and a battle in itself. 


Being trained to train the elite athletes Gina recognises the standards that could be offered to this population and amateur sports, are not.  In an attempt to start bridging these gaps AMA CIC is proud to offer the following services, in a welcoming environment which is centred around the client.  


If you are looking for services or guidance not listed, please email us for bespoke packages: 


10-Week Induction Programme

This course is designed for those who are in or have just completed their rehabilitation and for those who are unsure what is possible with their challenges.  People who are confident in their ability but don’t know what Martial Arts or exercise are of interest to them.


If this is you, our 10 week Introduction Course is recommend.  This course consists of 1 hour of conditioning exercises and a 1 hour introduction session to a particular Martial Art. 


You will get to try 5 different Arts (2 session of each, per course) and have 10 hours of tailored conditioning exercise.

One-to-One Sessions

For anyone who wants 121 tuition, whether they feel that they are not confident enough to join the course or want they want to specialise in a particular area, we have a coach for you.


These can be booked through AMA with any of our coaches, dependant on your needs.

We can currently accommodate one to ones in locations in Bath and Bristol.

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AMA can travel out to a venue near you to help provide a taster session of our Introduction Course for local groups of the target population.


We will also be offering coaches awareness courses for those who wish to gain knowledge and confidence when working with injured, disabled or people in ill-health. 


This will be designed with our experience and knowledge to allow you to embrace this population with ease, confidence and ideas to integrate the sessions seamlessly.

Alternative exercises for groups

Do you run an after school club or an after school club and would like to have some alternative exercises or sports?

Adaptive Martial Arts can help by coming in to your club and running ad-hoc sessions or regular sessions to suit your members.

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Motivational Speakers

Are you looking for a public speaker for an event or a motivational speaker?


At Adaptive Martial Arts we understand overcoming adversity, communication barriers and pursuing your dreams.


Our CEO Gina will talk to you through effective communication, breaking down the barriers and more skills she has needed to in her life to pursue her dreams and the adversity she has faced a long the way. 


Our talk will be completely tailored to work with the theme of the event you are running or Gina's own unique story based, all within a time frame you choose. 


Contact us for more information.

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