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It costs Adaptive Martial Arts approximately £60 to run each class,  this figure does not include the equipment, other activities and services which we aim to provide. As a non-for profit Community Interest Company we need to raise this and more to continue and develop with our aim of opening exercise and martial arts to our target population. 

How you can help:

  • Sponsor equipment 

  • Sponsor an event or class

  • Hold a fundraiser for us

  • Book us for a seminar - we travel

  • Display our marketing materials

  • Alternatively please donate

If you would like to discuss any opportunities please contact us.

Why donate?

AMA is the UK's award winning Community Interest Company supporting those who are disabled, injured or in ill-health benefit from exercise and martial arts.

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How to donate

Adaptive Martial Arts can now accept donations via PayPal

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How monies are used

All donations received are used by AMA to put on our introduction programme, seminars and fund essentials such as first aid training and Insurance

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