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We offer fully inclusive martial arts training in Bristol and in Bath. We will be primarily focusing on grappling or BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). This is done on a matted area, so as long as you can transfer, you can join in!

We encourage family members to come and join in as well as friends. If you’re not sure, please come and watch or contact us.

Please come in leggings or board shorts, something not too restricting but baggy clothes will be unsuitable. A fitted t-shirt would be fine on top. 


Your first lesson is Free, there after it's £7.50 a session or £10.00 for 2 (friends and family rate).

We hope to see you all there watching, taking part, if it’s a new sport or if you’re an expert!

Our classes are student led by consultation, we regularly ask our students for feedback, what they would like us to focus on how they would like AMA to develop. 

AMA's aim is to develop our students skills, confidence and fitness whilst offering opportunities to go through courses and become volunteers for AMA. 

 Please contact a member of the team to let them know any feedback or suggestions–

Adaptive Martial Arts (AMA) CIC is committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits that Martial Arts can bring no matter your ability or disability, 


We also believe that people shoud not be excluded due to their economic circumstances, as all people should have the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of martial arts.

With this in mind we may be able to offer reduced fees to those facing financial hardship whether existing or new customers.

 Please contact a member of the team to discuss this in confidence –


2pm - 5pm


Shine Sports Ground, 

Lime Trees Road, 



Next Dates: 

  • 29th May

  • 26th June

  • 31st July

I had my first session today and I'm really impressed. 
It's a pleasure to be part of this group. They are friendly and passionate. Professional approach allows to adapt techniques for people with different disabilities.
I look forward to see you again after my holidays

Arek Grzelak

Adaptive MA put on a wrestling and BJJ workshop at our gym and it was fantastic. Gina was so open and adaptable to what we were asking, and the content of workshop was perfect. I had a great time and can't wait to learn more. about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Guy Lochead

AMA are a great team, who most importantly offer welcoming and friendly sessions. They are adaptable and patient and able to adjust sessions and techniques to the individual. For those with injuries or who are disabled this is a great organisation to help you to acquire knowledge, skills, confidence. Having said that sessions are fully inclusive and suitable for families, and for all ages and abilities. A great organisation -why not give them a try!

Rowland Clark

It’s very good. They don’t only teach AMA, but they also offered me help with my diet, because I’m fat. And this week I left my tablet behind at the end, but they looked after it until my friend went back to get it. Even though we’re fighting, it’s a safe environment and they’re a bunch of lovely people. I’ve slowly made friends and feel more confident in defending myself. If anyone ever attacks me, I now have the skill to defend myself.

Rob Thomas

I have been training with AMA for about a month now, and absolutely love it. Trained by people who have disabilities and those who don't makes no odds. Everyone adapts to your needs and abilities to help you get the most out of your training..sometimes more

Sinclair Parkinson

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