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Adaptive Martial Arts CIC is a non for profit organisation, we are grateful for the support of volunteers. With our volunteers we are able to support a wider amount of people in the community. 

We are able to provide training in what we would like you to help with whether that's working with the great in martial arts instruction, admin, marketing, photography and more. 

To discuss any of our roles please contact us at

If you need volunteering hour for your awards or qualification we can help you fill those hours in many ways and around your lifestyle.  

It's also great to have on your CV, as well as many companies offering rewards to employees who engage in community projects as part of their Corporate Responsibility strategies.  

We will also be happy to provide references for any volunteers who require one.   

If you love sport or have a passion for helping the disabled community but you don't feel like you're 'sporty' enough to help in classes, theirs many roles which you can positively contribute too!

Our current roles available are:


Social Media updates

People who can help us manage or improve our social media presence. If you're internet savvy and can spare unto a hour a week to line up our weekly posts, advertising our event and classes through our social media platforms.


Creative writing/bloggers

We need to keep up with the times! We also often let our newsletters fall down our priority list!  If you're passionate about writing and would like to combine this disability sport, this could be the role for you.  


Public Relations

Are you good at engaging with people, or perhaps your looking to gain experience in this area or even step out of your comfort zone to talk to potential clients and investors at our events?  AMA gets invited to so many great events but we do not have the manpower to attend them all to spread the word of our work.

Grant Applications

This is our biggest need, if you're looking to gain experience in grant applications, sports development or if your just looking to do something helpful with your time at home.  We urgently need people to work on writing the back bones of grant applications!  This is an ideal opportunity for those who can't commit blocks of time or want to help from home.

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