Warriors Assemble

On the 1st October Gina and Chris attended Warriors Assemble, the celebratory gathering of adaptive athletes in the UK.

Warriors Assemble recognises martial artists who have overcome adversity to further their art. The night is organised and hosted by Anthony Pillage, with guest host Alex Reid, an MMA fighter and celebrity of Big Brother.

Anthony is a pressure point instructor who has received multiple awards over his lifetime including being inducted into the world martial arts hall of fame in 2012. Anthony has gone through his own struggles, battling the “Big C”….. Not c*nt, as Anthony jokes!

Gina and Chris attended for Adaptive Martial Arts (AMA) because Gina was nominated for a fighting spirit award for her exploits in Brazilian jiu jitsu at Grapplers heart and starting AMA, an award that she received from Alex Reid. One of Gina’s own inspirations, Luis Coward, received a personal message from Royce Gracie, this was well deserved and must have been a remarkable moment in Luis’s life.

The night was a very motivating experience meeting everyone and hearing everyones stories, ranging from injuries, amputations, a range of disabilities and illnesses. This is the second year of the Warriors Assemble and one that AMA is keen to support and get behind with the aim of growing this event next year.

All of the awards were given out to people who have been actively achieving over the past year in their own Martial Art. This is important to create an atmosphere of support for each other and the rights for adaptive people to fight, train and compete.

Our photos from yesterday’s event can be found here including some quite interesting and fun ones. Gina insists she was trying to choke Alex Reid and not kiss him, as the photo angle perceives…. make your own mind up here …..

A huge thank you to Anthony Sean Pillage and Co’ for arranging this event and allowing us to meet the people we know of but have not had the opportunity to yet meet. Being in that room was electric!

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