Adaptive Martial Arts (AMA), inspiration to production.

AMA is the accumulation of life changing experiences and the passion for sport and exercise, it’s a life's work and a life's passion finally formed into a focused and tangible plan. To fight for a way to overcome barriers, whether personal or practical, to provide access to Martial Arts and Exercise opportunities for everyone. AMA has been born from powerful emotion, intent and action.

AMA is lead by disabled people and people who are passionate about Martial Arts, and exercise, is of-course a by product. Especially for the target population, because we have to work so much harder than average people to perform with much more pre-habilitation requirements, medications, imbalances, etc, therefore we need a positive environment for people to achieve their goals. We understand these challenges, from personal knowledge and from scientific data, there are so many more barriers and struggles that this population has to face. Most Martial Arts are not professional, Olympic or Paralympic sports, therefore finding the opportunities and finances to be able to engage in this often come too late for most of us who want to excel, compete or reach that seemingly elusive black belt. This is why AMA has been formed, to provide opportunities which are financially viable.

When Gina was looking for competing opportunities in order to provide more focus and fun in her life, she found she was often not eligible to compete because of the medical rules of most contact sports. Rediscovering her love for Martial Arts, in particular MMA, the only fair and peer related competition available at the time was in New York, even with an extremely supportive community funding this was exceptionally hard and stressful. Luckily, she was in a position to do this physically and financially, many others are unable, with one grappling competition, to our knowledge at the time, in the world it was a feat that was unsustainable to continue annually.

Paving the way for the conception on AMA in the UK, setting up a safe training environment and a UK based competition. We are aware we have some really high level and exceptional grapplers and MMA fighters in the UK who are disabled, injured, or in ill-health which puts them at a disadvantage to some more healthy fighters, some people enjoy that challenge, but others don’t see the success they deserve. We would love to see these people excel and encourage the next generation by providing a structure which allows them to enjoy the sport and reap the benefits. As well as increasing the target population who find health benefits and fun in participation.

AMA is starting by launching it’s 10 week program to encourage those who never experienced Martial Arts to try a variation. In addition to the Martial Arts there will be an exercise based class designed to prepare the participants and give them tools and confidence to carry on exercise. It is hoped that demand permits regular classes in addition to the 10 week program, with plenty of experts to provide 121 tuition. The end goal of AMA is to have enough demand to open our own facility which will be completely accessible, functional, with lots of fun kit including a small performance lab for Gina to play in and bring the top aspiring performers into!

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