Super Hero Series Triathalon

August 17th saw Gina, Chris and Arek tackle the Super hero Series Triathlon, with them running (5km), cycling (20km) and Swimming (750m) around Dorney Lake in Windsor to raise funds for AMA.

AMA 2018 Fundraising Seminar

Sunday 26th August saw AMA host it's second fundraising seminar in Bath. For this seminar we had Brad 'One Punch' Pickett and Nathanial Wood hosting the seminar covering MMA, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

Germany's Strongest Disabled Man

Sunday, January 1st saw competitors compete at Germany's Strongest Disabled Man competition. Competitors from the UK were present including our CEO Gina Hopkins.

Abu Dhabi London Grand Slam - Para Jiu Jitsu

Sunday 11th March saw the Abu Dhabi grand slam came to London. This saw Para Jiu Jitsu athletes from around the world gather to compete and promote the sport.

South West Englands Strongest Disabled Man and Woman 2017

Sunday, November 19th saw competitors compete at Trojan Fitness Bristol for the title of South West Englands Strongest Disable Man and Woman.

Photo's from our classes
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 7
Cross Collar choke in action
AMA Class 26/07/2017
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 26/08/17
Cross collar Choke practice
Adaptive Martial Arts 1 to 1 lesson
AMA Class 19/08/2017
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 7
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 190817
Gina and Harvey demonstrating AMA
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 19/08/17
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 12/08/17
AMA Class 12/08/2017
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 6
AMA Class Sat 5th August
Adaptive Martial Arts Class Henleaze
AMA Class 3 Henleaze
AMA Class 3 in progress
AMA Class 3 Henleaze mid class
Shine Sports Open day
Adaptive Martial Arts & Shine Sports
Adaptive Martial Arts Class 1
Inspire Fest - Inclusive sports taster day

Inspire Fest was a fully inclusive sports taster event where events included wheel chair rugby, botcha, tennis and AMA representing Adpaitve Martial Arts. The event was set up for people to try different event.


Adaptive Martial Arts Instructors Pete and Harvey put on a taster including break falls, boxing into a takedown finishing on a bow out.

The event took place at the Bath Sports and Leisure centre on 9th March 2017 and was a great success.

Inspire Fest Poster
AMA class on the matts
AMA Instructors Pete and Harvey
Mid double leg takedown
Pete teaching techniques
The start of a double leg
Harvey mid takedown
Double leg technique angles
Double leg practice
Punching technique
Practice makes perfect
Mid session
Thank you to our students
Bow to say thanks
Preparing to bow out
Thank you
Mid Bow

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